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Great place to learn how to paint, in a comfy setting. All materials are provided and guidance is given individually and according to learning needs. Denise is a very fun and social teacher, who never fails to greet her students. Petra and Pablo give a 6th star to the rating.


Art classes here are lighthearted and therapeutic! The teachers are talented, patient and definitely engaging! It's always a joy to go to class.

Shuba Krishnan

This is a great place to learn and enjoy art. Denise and Jun Hui are fun an super patient instructors who help us learn in our own pace. The classes have pretty flexible timings and you can try out many mediums. I've had a really enjoyable experience so far and recommend it to anyone who wants to try out painting.

ng chun yi

This is the place where inner artistic power is unleashed. I signed up for the trial class and fell in love with the environment (and the two cute cats). The teacher has been very helpful and friendly and patient in step-by-step guiding. There are various materials that you can choose to work with, from pencils to oil paint. The timetable is also flexible. Definitely recommended.


Highly recommend this place if you are a shy individual that wants to try out art but doesn't know where to start! I love the environment there! I truly enjoyed classes and the friendly people over there. Denise was very easy to converse with, super patient and super nice with helping our artworks. I have the freedom to decide what medium I wanted to use or what to paint, which definitely spiked my motivation. I look forward to improving my art skills in the long run at this studio.


Even though I've only taken 5 classes, I've learnt alot. Jun Hui is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who explains theories, concepts and rationale behind each drawing exercise. Extremely excited to learn more from him. Also, Denise is a super friendly Lao Ban Niang too! Very nurturing studio, highly recommended for art classes.


I have zero drawing background.... Denise is so patient to guide me ... the studio is well equipped and I have a great time ... now I starts to enjoy drawing.


Denise is a fun-loving teacher who is also super patient with someone who has zero art background like me. Overall ambience is great as well.

loh yi cheng

Great selection of materials. A lot of paints to choose from and all artist grade. Studio environment is calm and relaxed. Adult package was enjoyable and I did see my skills improve from session to session.

irene lee

I chanced upon the Fort Studios via Google Search and definitely have no regrets signing on with them. Attended 8 lessons so far and completed 3 acrylic paintings. Denise, the instructor is very patient and students are open to try all sorts of art based on our interest unlike other studios where there is an overly structured curriculum.

chee how

"To put things into perspective, the only art training I've ever got was from Art and Craft period in primary school, if you even call that art training. Since taking classes here, I've been able to do pencil illustrations, portraits, caricatures, and also did an oil pastel artwork. The instructors here cover a large range of art media, and it's possible to learn almost anything art-related that you want with their guidance.Classes here are also affordable, and I'm comparing with other classes that teach you one specific medium (eg. water colours, portrait drawing etc). Here, you can simply choose a medium to learn about, let the instructors know about it, and spend a few lessons working on it to hone your skills on it. At any one point, every student in a class may be doing a different thing, like simultaneous acrylic painting, oil painting, sketches, stamp-making all in one room. To me that's the beauty of taking classes here. "


Art classes here are flexible as you can try out different mediums :) and the teacher is very patient, engaging and friendly.

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