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Team Bonding Workshops
team bonding singapre

team bonding workshops

Art based team bonding workshops are a great way to bring the team together, destress or promote collaboration within the workplace. We can accommodate a small group in-house or larger groups at your venue of choice.


Whether you would like each member of your team to enjoy and create an artwork of their own or have a bigger initiative in mind for a larger artwork that promotes collaboration, we will try our best to meet your needs.


The types of workshops we can provide are, art jamming sessions, illustration or painting workshops and team bonding murals. If you have another idea that is in line with the above, let us know!

School Programmes
art programmes for sigapore school


We offer different types of programmes for our local schools to suit you and your students needs. With a team of MOE IRS and AMIS ready teachers, we have experience in organising programmes for general weekly art classes, art club programmes, SYF programmes and specialised workshops.


We understand the need for art education focusing on local art and topics as well as collaborative programmes involving various classes and levels in the school. Drop us a message if you would like us to bid or quote for a project!


We also offer programmes for special needs students and some of our teachers have great experience in the type of lesson content that will benefit them as well as the appropriate classroom management and teaching skills.

community art events
commuity art event singapore

Community art events

What is art without the involvement of Community?

We plan our events to produce settings that create collaboration and understanding between art and people from all walks of life and ages. From whole day drop in workshops to site specific,  event specific and CSR art workshops, we can help plan for and enrich your event.  


At the end of it we hope to bring people together and enhance the appreciation for the arts. Take a look at our previous projects with various organisations in Singapore.

art party singapore


Food and cakes are good for celebrating events but art parties create an especially memorable children's birthday or even a hen’s party, especially when you get to take home your very own art piece at the end of the day. Have a theme in mind?


At The Fort Studios we can customise your very own special themed party to suit you and your guests! We love finding ways to help you organise your perfect party.


Download our party menu to take a look at our rates and what we have to offer.

Art Mural Singapore


Got a plain wall lying somewhere? Murals are a great way to boost the atmosphere, creating a vibrant addition to your home, school or offices.


We are able to create painted or digital artworks for your needs. If you have an image ready, we can paint it, and if you don’t we can come up with a custom artwork to enhance your space, brand or message according to your budget.


Take a look at our previous works.

art commisions
Painting commission Singapore

painting and illustration commissions

As experts in our field, we are able to paint, draw or illustrate any artwork style of your choice.


Be it portrait or pet paintings as a meaningful gift, custom paintings for a private or public space, traditional or digital paintings and illustrations for print our team or artists will work together to help you articulate your intentions into visuals.


Drop us a message as to what you have in mind!

teacher's training
Teacher Training



We understand that not all teachers in schools and organisations may be equally equipped with a certain level of art skills and teaching methods.


As teaching artists and experts in the field, we offer training workshops for teachers to enhance their art skills as well as teaching seminars on art teaching delivery and the benefits of art in our learning and students’ growth. 

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