Frequently asked questions
And everything you'd ever need to know :)



Adult Group Class

Q: Can I paint or draw anything I want?

A: Yes you can! We do not believe in classes that require everyone to paint the same object (unless specifically requested). From a student's perspective, I would like to paint something that is meaningful and that I am drawn to visually in order to really enjoy the learning process. Just pick any image be it a photograph or artwork and according to your skill level and time frame, we can advise its level of difficulty and an average completion time. If you do not have a specific image in mind, just let us know what kind of artworks you like and we can advise you which artworks would suit well for you. :)

Q: Do I have to bring my artworks home every lesson?

A: We are happy to store your artworks for you at the studio until you are ready to bring them home for up to 2 months. We also provide a file for anyone who takes on a steady learner set and are doing many paper based artworks.

Q: I am a complete beginner can I join this class?

A: Beginners are always welcome! Around 95% of our students come in as true beginners so you don't have to worry. Nobody will judge as we are all here to learn and understand that not everyone has had the chance to pick up art. As long as you can hold a pencil you'd be fine. :)

Q: I am not a beginner but I am having trouble with my progress in art. Will this class benefit me?

A: Of course! As this is class gives each student close personal guidance, we would recommend you to let us know the specific problem that you are facing so that we can help break it down for you, why this is happening and how you can improve as well as recommend specific types of artwork and exercises for you to strengthen that specific skill.

Q: I have no talent. :') Can I join?

A: If you are convinced that you have no talent but still want to try, I suggest that you sign up for a trial course first so that we can have a look at your hidden capabilities before you label yourself as talentless. Personally I do not believe that people are born with a talent for art. It is very much about how you observe shapes and how you transfer that information to your hand and all these can be taught. We have several exercises and tips and tricks to help realise your potential. :)

Q: I am colour blind or have visual cognition issues.

A: Even one of the most famous artists Claude Monet was colour blind due to his cataracts. There is nothing wrong with capturing the world in your own colour spectrum, in fact it makes it all the more special. As long as you can differentiate dark from light there shouldn't be an issue, there is plenty of beautiful artworks you can create in monochrome as well. If you have cognition issues, I suggest you sign up for a trial class first to see if you are the next Picasso. There are plenty of art styles and art that does not have to be created in a realistic style.

Q: My relative has mental disability or autism. Can he or she join?

A: Only some of our instructors have experience in teaching special needs students. Therefore I suggest that if they are high functioning, they can sign up for a private class with the appropriate instructor. The student's guardian must also always be present during the class in case of emergencies and to make the new environment a comfortable one for them.

Q. I am slightly below 15 years of age, can I join?

A: Our average class age is around 26 years old. If you are comfortable and show maturity in your learning there should not be a problem. :)

Q: Can I bring my child to join this class with me?

A: If your child is below the age of 15 I am afraid not. This is to ensure that the other students are comfortable in their class environment. A younger child would require different teaching methods to engage them and also would need much closer guidance. The 2.5h duration could also prove to be too long for their attention spans. If your child is slightly below 15 years of age and shows maturity we can allow it. However, if your child is much younger, we would suggest doing a private group class with your child.

Q: How are the lessons structured? Can I switch from painting to drawing anytime?

A: Yes you can! The lessons are flexibly structured according to what you want to achieve. If you want to do something relaxing we will help recommend artworks and mediums that would suit your interests. Therefore if you are interested in portraiture, we could start with pencil first to get the proportion right, next we can try out colour with watercolour and next oil painting.

Q: I want to create a portfolio to apply to a school or for work. Can I join this class?

A: Yes! Just let us know prior where and what you are intending to use the portfolio to apply for and we can advise and discuss the timeframe, necessary artworks needed and presentation to create a cohesive and comprehensive portfolio. We recommend that all artworks be created in your own unique style as it is important for them to represent you. Do note that some individual preparation on your part may be needed for content creation, e.g sourcing of images and style references.

Q: I just want to paint to relax. Can I join this class?

A: Of course! Do let us know the amount of guidance preferred. If anything crops up, we are right there to assist you with any problem you may be facing. :)

Q: When can I start my class? Do I have to wait for the next window? Can I start now?

A: You can start anytime there is available slots in a class! As our classes are flexibly structured and everyone is working on their own individual artwork at their own speed.

Q: I have signed up for a package but I cannot make it for a class this week. What should I do?

A: Once you sign up for a package, your spot in that class will be reserved every week. A 24h notice is needed for cancellation of class or else the class will have to be forfeited. Classes can be canceled as long as the 4 classes are used up within 6 weeks for the 4 lesson set or if your 8 classes are finished in 10 weeks for the 8 lesson set. Any classes that have past the 6 or 8 week mark will be forfeited. However, you may choose to sign up for a class on another day other than your usual one if there are available slots.

Q: I am unable to commit for a package. Can I share with a friend?

A: Unfortunately each package is meant for one student and is non transferrable or sharable. If you are unable to commit to a package, you may sign up for our one off lessons at $55 per lesson.

Q: Do I have to bring my own materials?

A: All materials will be provided! This includes A4 canvas boards as well. If you wish to use larger canvases or unique materials you may purchase them from us or they can be bought on your behalf with prior notice. Unique materials include, glitter and metallic paints, painting texture mediums and impasto mediums

Q: Is this class Skills Future claimable?

A: Unfortunately we are not. However, we are working on it!

Q: Will we be awarded a certificate for this class?

A: Sorry but we are not authorized to award certificates as we offer flexible classes instead of a fixed structured course with an end date and specific learning objectives. However, we are happy to provide a written letter of proof that you have attended classes for that specific duration or a letter of recommendation for your school or job entry requirements.

(Please note that we reserve the right to decline issuing a letter of recommendation for any reason.)

Q: What is the difference between a trial lesson and a regular lesson?

Nothing! We understand that it is daunting to commit to a set of lessons (for some) without trying it out first. We are confident and take pride in the classes we provide and in our instructors as well, but it's best to let you guys experience it and understand why as well right? ;)
For the trial lesson, we will usually recommend choosing an artwork that you may be able to finish within one lesson (in case you don't wish to come back, at least you can bring home a finished piece). However, if you really really really must paint your beloved pet or partner or the Mona Lisa, we can help you to gague how many lessons it may take as well. haha

Q: What if I have not finished my painting in one lesson. Do I have to pay for an extra lesson when I have not finished my painting?

Sorry that you did not manage to finish your painting in one lesson, but we have finished the class. haha. You are welcome to bring home your painting to continue it on your own or you can opt for more lessons to complete it.

We can help to estimate how many lessons your artwork of choice may take, but the final duration would depend on your speed.

Do note that the Mona Lisa was not completed in 2.5h! :)


Children's Group Lessons

Q: Will my child have to bring his or her own materials?

A: All materials needed for each lesson will be provided! If your child decides to do his/her personal project in class, we will also provide all materials necessary including an A4 canvas board per project. What we do not provide is craft materials such as glitter, craft paper, ice-cream sticks etc.

Q: Can my child keep his or her artwork in the studio? Or will I have to bring it home every week?

A: You can keep their artworks here in the studio until you are ready to bring them home. We provide an A3 folder for each of our long term students so that they can store them carefully. :)

Q: Are aprons provided?

A: Yes they are! We have several sizes as well.

Q: What is the lesson structure like?

A: Our childrens’ class follows a flexible structured lesson plan that focuses on drawing, painting and design. We usually alternate between painting, drawing and design projects to keep the child’s interest fresh and also to help them learn the similarities and differences between the art forms, which would aid them in a more all rounded learning experience.

Each project follows a main technical art theme, e.g. shading. Each student will then discuss with their teacher an image that is interesting to them and is at a comfortable skill level for them to attempt. They will be provided demonstrations from the teacher and examples as well as exercises if needed before they start their main artwork with close guidance from the instructor. Therefore no student will be creating the same artwork and each artwork will be original to the student.

Each project usually takes 1 to 3 lessons to complete depending on the amount of exercises needed prior to the main project or the complexity and details of the artwork chosen.

Q: When can my child sign up? Do we have to wait for a new window?

A: Your child can sign up anytime! Although we have lesson plan which the classes follow we will always make sure each child is progressing at a comfortable level. If your child is new, we will make sure that we access the skill level of your child and ensure that she is taking on the project comfortably. We may at times give your child necessary art exercises to prepare them for the basics of that project. During your child’s trial lesson, we will try to ensure that they are able to create a simple or small artwork so that they can bring it home at the end of the day if they are unsure of continuing classes.

Q: My child likes to take his or her time to complete her work. Will he or she fall behind?

A: We understand that each child works at different speeds however, if you feel that your child needs to work faster, we can help to train them in their confidence and speed. If you feel that you would rather they work on quality instead of quantity, we usually do not rush a child to finish their artwork because the lesson is about to end. We encourage them to properly finish their work with quality and good finishing and to never give up halfway. At times when the child has to stretch into the timing of the next project, we would advise him or her to do a smaller simpler artwork to catch up or skip the next project entirely or push forward the project if it is important to their learning.

We however do not extend the class timings for them to complete their artwork as we usually have back-to-back classes.

Q: My child is not very strong in art, how will he or she fare with the older or more experienced students? I am afraid he or she will not be able to catch up.

A: Despite working on the same themed project, we do not advocate students to all create the same copy of an artwork example. Each student is expected to give their own input into the type of artwork they would want to create with the theme given. Therefore, within the same project, each child will have an individual original artwork that differs from the rest. This will help them to take greater ownership of their work as well. As our teachers will guide them in the choosing of their artwork, they can advise them on the skill level needed for each artwork, ensuring that the difficulty is comfortable for your child.

Q: My child is intending to create a portfolio for future school applications. Can he or she join this class?

A: Yes! Our curriculum has been adjusted such that majority of the projects are relevant to the requirements needed for portfolios such as SOTA talent academy and AEP school admissions.

As we promote each student to create their own individual artwork in class, their final artworks will not clash with other students submitting for the same interview. If your child needs a specific type of artwork to meet the requirements of the portfolio, he or she may opt to do their personal artwork in class time as well with the teacher’s guidance. Please notify us a few days in advance so that we can prepare the necessary materials. However, do note that the main lesson plan will take priority.

If you are interested to help your child create a substantial portfolio, we suggest signing your child up at least a minimum of 6 months before the interview.

The submission and compilation of artworks will have to be done by you, but we will be happy to advise on the portfolio format.

Q: My child wishes to attend more than 1 lesson per week. Is it advisable? Will there be repetition of classes?

A: Yes he or she can! Each class should be working on the same projects at the same time therefore your child can have extra time to finish their work with greater quality. If your child has finished their work early, they can always opt to work on a personal project until the next class project is introduced to them.

Q: My child is not able to attend every week. Can she still sign up?

A: Our 4 lesson package is valid for 6 weeks, therefore he or she can miss a maximum of 2 lessons and can always continue their art project in the next class he or she attends.

Q: Can I wait for my child in the art studio while he or she is having class?

A: Yes you may! We have a designated waiting area overlooking the classroom for parents and relatives to wait for their child. Please do not wait inside the classroom as it may affect the dynamics of the class and attitudes of the children.

Q: Can I drop off my child early when the studio is open or can I leave my child there for the day after his or her lesson is finished?

A: Unfortunately no. Please make sure that your child is no more than 15 mins early for class or stays longer than 15 mins after class as we open by appointment only. There may not be anyone in the studio if you arrive much too early before class and we may have back to back classes or we may move to another destination immediately after the class for external workshops or meetings. We also do not have a designated full time receptionist to keep an eye on children after their class ends.

We may charge a fee to the parents if they repeatedly do not adhere to this ruling or has left their child there for a long period of time after the class has ended. Usually in the form of 1 class fee or more if the added number of hours reaches near to that of an extra class. This policy is found on our terms and conditions page.

Q: I am an adult. Can I join my child and learn art while she is having class?

A: Sorry but we would suggest that a private group class would be more suitable for you both or if possible having a single private class at the same time while your child is having their group class. Having an adult in the children’s class can affect the dynamics of the classroom as well as make certain students more self conscious affecting their learning.

Q: My other child wishes to join her brother or sister for a few classes. Can they split a package?

A: Unfortunately each package is meant for each individual student. If their sibling wishes to join, they can sign up for a single lesson instead if they do not wish to commit to a 4 lesson package.

Q: Will my child be awarded a certificate for this class?

A: Sorry but we are not authorized to award certificates as we offer flexible classes instead of a fixed structured course with an end date and specific learning objectives. However, we are happy to provide a written letter of proof that your child has attended classes for that specific duration or a letter of recommendation for your child’s school entry requirements.

(Please note that we reserve the right to decline issuing a letter of recommendation for any reason.)