Private Art Lessons

We Make Room For Art

Large groups not your thing? We hear you! We provide private classes for adults, children and families as an option for a close setting. 

You will enjoy close guidance and a highly tailored experience to meet your specific learning needs and requirements. We take students who are looking to enter art schools and institutions through a comprehensive process of portfolio creation and entrance interview coaching; help students prepare their coursework for visual art exams; provide a conducive space for close friends and family to learn together. Whatever your goals are, we will work with you to ensure you meet them.  

class details

Duration: 1.5 hours

Suitable for: Students with specific learning goals or requirements, groups of friends or families.

Mediums taught: Acrylic, watercolour, oil painting, graphite, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, ink.

Fees include: Use of art tools and materials and A4 Canvas Boards. Canvases of other sizes may be purchased at the studio.


1-1 Private Class

Single Lesson: $100

Steady Learner 4 Lesson Set: $380

(Valid for 6 weeks)

Steady Learner 8 Lesson Set: $720

(Valid for 10 weeks)

Add on 1h: $50 per pax

class timings

Group of 2 or more pax

Single Lesson: $60/pax

Steady Learner 4 Lesson Set: $220/pax

(Valid for 6 weeks)

Steady Learner 8 Lesson Set: $420/pax

(Valid for 10 weeks)

Add on 1h: $30 per pax

Choose your timing, weekdays or weekends. Arrangement is subject to class and your preferred teacher's availability.

Please contact Denise via Whatsapp/email/contact form to book your trial lesson!

**Please mention the class and timing that you're interested in, as well as the number of people who will be attending, Denise will reply you with details such as the availability of your slot as well as the payment method!

current promotions

New learner Promotion
Sign up for any Steady Learner Set starting the week after your trial lesson and enjoy 10% off your set!

Good Attendance Award
Complete all your lessons without missing a week and receive 10% off your next Steady Learner Set when you start your new set in the immediate following week. You may choose to attend more than 1 lesson per week as long as there are available seats.

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if you have a question or would like to book a class, feel free to fill in the form below! :) you can also head to ouR faq page!